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Most popular!
Dune Buggy 1/10 Brushed
43 cm monster buggy.
Waterproof electronics.
€107 €215

Raider Quadcopter
One of our fastest drones.
For beginners and experienced.
Cool flips.
€33 €54

Popcorn Maker Movie
Popcorn for the movie!
Smart micro wave box!
No oil and butter required
€11 €17

Cosmetic Lenses Black Out
The evil look!
€11 €22

Cosmetic Lenses White Out
Ice cold and dangerous!
€11 €22

Cosmetic Lenses Bloody Red
€11 €22

Cosmetic Lenses White Cat
Crazy cat eyes!
€11 €22

Space Drone FPV
Moving camera
Hover function
HD video recording
€215 €322

Arcade Games - 240 in 1
240 arcade games in a small machine!
A real trip down memory lane!
2.5 " TFT screen

Electric Drift Trike
Finally, an Electric Drift Trike!
Become the king of drift!
Do cool 360° spins.

Toilet Slam Dunk
Makes your restroom visit more fun!
Practice your skills shooting hoops

Deadpool Mug
The best anti-hero mug!

DJI Phantom 4
Automatically avoiding obstacles.
4k video recording.
Up to 28 min flying time.

Popcorn Machine (Football)
Brighten your soccer night!
Heated with hot air
Use the lid as a bowl

Quinque Pod
The optimal camera and cell phone holderCan both stand on level surface and be twisted&#...

Mini Fridge
Compact size fridge
Holds 6 cans

BSD Gravel Beast 1/12 Truck
Awesome beginners truck
Conquers big obstacles
33 cm long
€54 €75

Moneybox Star Wars
Sleek moneybox
Various Star Wars motif
Helping you to achieve your savings goal

Cyclone Drone
HD filming
Easy to fly
Professional looking controller
€54 €75

LED Cube Speaker
Lamp and speaker combined.
Great sound, cool light!

Smartboard 6,5'' Pink Metallic
Stylish metallic smartboard!
The coolest gadget of the year!
Runs 10-15 km/h – up to a r...

Ninja Gnome with Lights
Super cool garden gnome!
Charged by solar power.
Eyes light up at dark.
€17 €22

Smartboard Stealth
”Stealth” design
Responsive handling
Safety features

Smartboard Racer Red
Transform your Smartboard to a Go-Cart!
Pre-order today!

H11W Hawkeye Drone
A drone bursting with technology
FPV, HD recording
Hover function
€107 €161

Electric Scooter
Strudy electrical powered scooter!
The transportation of the future!

HSP Brontosaurus Pro 3.0
With Li-Po battery 7,4v/3400 mAh
Max speed 50-60 km/h
Waterproof electronics
€215 €322

Hand Grenade Bits-set
For the toughest carpenter!
Bit-set in a hand grenade

Star Wars Modell Millennium Falcon
Detailed model
Millennium Falcon
Glue and paint included

Up Yours, mug
Cool mug with a hidden message!

Beanie Light
Beanie with built in LED!
Light up in the dark!

Gaming Set
Complete set for the gamer!
Headset, keyboard and mouse!
€54 €75