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Most popular!
Mini Fridge
Compact size fridge
Holds 6 cans

Toilet Slam Dunk
Makes your restroom visit more fun!
Practice your skills shooting hoops

Smartboard Racer Red
Transform your Smartboard to a Go-Cart!
Pre-order today!

Gaming Set
Complete set for the gamer!
Headset, keyboard and mouse!
€43 €75

Immerse VR/3D Goggles
Discover the world in 3D!
Compatible with most smartphones.

BSD Viper 1/10
Affordable 4WD truck.
Waterproof electronics.
Powerful 550 motor.

Magnet Dart Board 17''
Smart dart board!
Roll it up when not in use!
Magnetic arrows!

Space Drone FPV
Moving camera
Hover function
HD video recording

Arcade Games - 240 in 1
240 arcade games in a small machine!
A real trip down memory lane!
2.5 " TFT screen

Electric Drift Trike
Finally, an Electric Drift Trike!
Become the king of drift!
Do cool 360° spins.

Smartway 10'' Black
Adjustable handlebar.
Big wheels - very comfortable
€376 €499

Deadpool Mug
The best anti-hero mug!

DJI Phantom 4
Automatically avoiding obstacles.
4k video recording.
Up to 28 min flying time.
€1398 €1720

Popcorn Machine (Soccer Balll)
Brighten your soccer night!
Heated with hot air
Use the lid as a bowl

Quinque Pod
The optimal camera and cell phone holderCan both stand on level surface and be twisted&#...

Smartboard 10'' Black
Our coolest gadget is now even cooler!
Bigger tires, more powerful motor!
€269 €355

BSD Gravel Beast 1/12 Truck
Awesome beginners truck
Conquers big obstacles
33 cm long
€54 €76


Cyclone Drone
HD filming
Easy to fly
Professional looking controller
€43 €54

LED Cube Speaker
Lamp and speaker combined.
Great sound, cool light!
€22 €33

Smartboard 6,5'' Pink Metallic
Stylish metallic smartboard!
The coolest gadget of the year!
Runs 10-15 km/h – up to a r...

Ninja Gnome with Lights
Super cool garden gnome!
Charged by solar power.
Eyes light up at dark.
€17 €22

Raider Quadcopter
One of our fastest drones.
For beginners and experienced.
Cool flips.

Smartboard Stealth
”Stealth” design
Responsive handling
Safety features

Gummy Candy Maker
Make your own gummy candy!
Various shapes.
Recipes included.

Fruit Ice Cream Maker
Make your own healthy ice cream!
Freeze your favorite fruit – place in the machine!

HSP Brontosaurus Pro 3.0 1/10
With Li-Po battery 7,4v/3400 mAh
Max speed 50-60 km/h
Waterproof electronics

Hand Grenade Bits-set
For the toughest carpenter!
Bit-set in a hand grenade

Star Wars Modell Millennium Falcon
Detailed model
Millennium Falcon
Glue and paint included

Up Yours, mug
Cool mug with a hidden message!

Beanie Light
Beanie with built in LED!
Light up in the dark!

Retro Game Controller with 200 Games
Controller features 200 video games. 
Plugs directly into your TV!