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Most popular!
VR Goggles PRO
Luxury VR Glasses
Comfortable padding
Adjustable lenses

H98 Vulture
Very afforrdable drone
Adjustable HD-camera
Proffesional hand controller
€54 €107

H11W Hawkeye Drone
A drone bursting with technology
FPV, HD recording
Hover function
€107 €161

Condor + VR Goggles
Big drone! 50x50 cm
VR headset included
Smartphone compatible

HSP Brontosaurus Pro 3.0
With Li-Po battery 7,4v/3400 mAh
Max speed 50-60 km/h
Waterproof electronics
€215 €322

Train My Dino
Train your own dinosaur!
Let it live its own life,
or keep it on a leash!

Crawler 1/18
Cool toy crawler
Manages touch terrain
Perfect for beginners
€22 €54

Arcade Games - 240 in 1
240 arcade games in a small machine!
A real trip down memory lane!
2.5 " TFT screen

VR-Goggles Black
Discover the world in 3D
Compatible with most smartphones

Electric Drift Trike
Finally, an Electric Drift Trike!
Become the king of drift!
Do cool 360° spins.

Battle Tanks 27 & 40 MHz
Makeyour living room into a battlefield!
Two tanks - two different frequencies
€54 €86

BSD Gravel Beast 1/12 Truck
Awesome beginners truck
Conquers big obstacles
33 cm long
€54 €75

Lightning Charger Cable 3m
3 meters lightning cable
For your iPhone, iPad or iPod
Comes in four nice colors!

Butterfly Opener
The world's coolest bottle opener.
€9 €16

Powerbank 2600mAh 2-pack
2-pack 2600mAh powerbank!
Extra power for your mobile phone or camera
Ideal for the technol...
€13 €22

Mini Fridge
Compact size fridge
Holds 6 cans

Retro Game Controller with 200 Games
Controller features 200 video games. 
Plugs directly into your TV!

Raider Quadcopter
One of our fastest drones.
For beginners and experienced.
Cool flips.
€43 €54

Silverlit K.O. Robot
Challenge your friend in this great game of boxing.

Lazer Mad 2.0 Battle ops
Super cool laser game!
Including 2 guns and 2 headsets!
Gear up for battle!

Universal JUMBO Remote
Universal remote control!
Compatible with most TV & DVD

Retrogames LCD screen
100 8-bytes games!
Size like "Game n Watch"

Mini Drone
Miniature drone
Fly up to 50 km/h
€33 €54

HSP Hunter 1/16 El Truggy
One of the most popular smaller cars


Electric Scooter
Strudy electrical powered scooter!
The transportation of the future!

Magnet Dart Board 17''
Smart dart board!
Roll it up when not in use!
Magnetic arrows!

Retro Plasma Ball
The classic is back!
Hottest lamp from the 80ies
Responds to touch or sound

Smartway 10'' Black
Adjustable handlebar.
Big wheels - very comfortable
€215 €537

Telescope Pluto
Affordable telescope for beginners.
€65 €107

Beanie Light
Beanie with built in LED!
Light up in the dark!