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BSD Viper Pro 1/10  in the group  / RC & Drone / Cars / Electric / BSD Racing at Hobbex (782509)
BSD Viper Pro 1/10
BSD Viper Pro 1/10
BSD Viper Pro 1/10
BSD Viper Pro 1/10
BSD Viper Pro 1/10
BSD Viper Pro 1/10
BSD Viper Pro 1/10
BSD Viper Pro 1/10
BSD Viper Pro 1/10

BSD Viper Pro 1/10

Customer's grade at BSD Viper Pro 1/10  in the group  / RC & Drone / Cars / Electric / BSD Racing at Hobbex
4WD electrical powered Monster truck  - Very affordable!!
BSD Viper from BSD Racing offers a fantastic performance without emptying your wallet!

4WD with an impressing performance
This 4WD 1/10 Monster truck has everything you can wish for in a beginners truck - at an amazingly low price.  The fantastic specifications contains a powerful 550 motor with heat sinks, waterproof speed control, double differentials, adjustable oil-filled shocks, extra powerfull waterproof servo steering and a well equipped 2.4GHz transmitter! We will of course include a battery and a charger - just as you can expect from an affordable RTR-car for rookies!

Size matters!

The BSD Viper must not be mixed up with other smaller trucks. All trucks in the 1/10 scale are not equally sized. Since there are no set standards for this, there can be huge differences; BSD Racing has therefore chosen to manufacture their trucks in size XL. The length of this affordable truck is 41 cm and this together with the width of 32 cm leaves a huge "footprint" that of course has a very positive effect of the driving ablilities!

Dependable and safe powerline!!

To ensure the best possible performance, even under a bit rouger conditions, the BSD Viper is an extremely well equipped 1/10 monster truck. Despite the low price, we have not saved on anything. A vivacious 550-motor transmitts the power through heavy gear and steel cardan shafts through differentials with steel gears and sturdy steel driveshafts out to the wheels. To regulate the power, the truck is equipped with waterproof speed controls - for your extra safety!! Of course, the whole truck is completely equipped with ball bearings.

Advanced transmitter!

The BSD Viper comes with a modern 2,4GHz transmitter and an already installed receiver. With the 2,4GHz system you will avoid many of the common interference problems known to the older AM- or FM-transmitters. Another big advantage is that the number of drivers are unlimited and there are no frequencies to keep track of. The transmitter connects automatically to the receiver (already preset at the factory)- you can just go ahead and drive! In addition to this, the transmitter has several settings enabling you to tune up your driving.

This is not a toy!
This 1/10 Monster truck is really not the simple standard truck that you will find in toy stores, but the BSD Viper is a serious R/C product for hobby users. - A real radio controlled truck!! Both rear and front is fully adjustable, enabling you to adjust wheel angles etc. Just like a full scale racing car you can try it out until you have found the perfect setting. Change e.g. camber angels (inward tilt of the wheels) and see if you can get a better rear grip. The shocks are oil-filled and even threaded for quick and easy adjustments of e.g. the suspension and ground clearance.

Other features:
  • Tires with robust tread - preglued to the rim
  • 4 sturdy oil shocks
  • Fixed4 wheel drive
  • Waterproof 6kg servo steering 
  • 7,2V NiMh battery (1800mAh) with Tamiya-plug
  • Charger 230V 500mA
Required supplement: 4 pc R6(AA) batteries for the transmitter
Affordable 4WD truck.
Waterproof electronics.
Powerful 550 motor.
€163 / €143
Part payment, from 9.00/month Terms

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