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Just like in many other hobbies, there are different words and abbreviations in the RC world to describe different things that are sometimes a little bit difficult to understand. One of these words is "scale" which is used to describe the size of, for example, a radio-controlled car. When you read about the products, there may be texts such as "this car is in scale 1/12 and ....". By scale is meant that the car is a reduction of the real model, ie that a car called 1/12 (or 1:12) is 12 times smaller than its real model. This means that a car that in eg scale 1/12 is larger than a car that is eg in scale 1/24, as it is only 12 times smaller than the real model while the other is as much as 24 times smaller than the real model.

Since not everyone knows how big a real car is, and thus can not assess how big a reduced car will be, it can still be difficult to know how big the car really is. Therefore, we always print out how big the car is in millimeters on our product pages, but as a rule of thumb, a car in size 1/12 is approximately 35-40 cm long. Unfortunately, it is not always the same between different manufacturers and brands so a car in scale 1/12 at one manufacturer may be smaller or larger than a car in scale 1/12 at another.

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